Description of the segment for betonweb concrete pile tube

liaison segment

The segment is a 6 or 12m long hollow UHPFRC tube, equipped with connecting devices on either ends. The longitudinal steel tubes necessary to the connection are included in the manufacturing of the segment. They extend beyond the rim at the head and foot and adhere to the precast UHPFRC.

The head of the precast UHPFRC segment is equipped with two metal collars. One, with an exterior diameter is made of metal; it is the sleeve. The other one, with an interior diameter is made of HDPE; it is the nipple. Both collars thus delimit a ring which is filled with UHPFRC on site.

This tube extending beyond the rim of the foot of the segment is driven into this ring thus creating an outside sleeve and an inside nipple. As the extension of longitudinal bars is identical at either end, their extremities simultaneously abut on the precast UHPFRC. The sleeving depth is thus adjusted.

The main physical characteristics of the segments of Betonweb concrete pile tubes are:
  • Overall dimensions in cm (φ x L): 35 x 600 or 1200
  • Free length after conjugaison in cm: 594 or 1194
  • Outer diameter in mm: 350
  • Weight of a tube in kg: 584 or 1.168
  • Wall thickness in mm : 30
  • Theoretical capacity of axial load in φ350 : (fcu - fcp) x A0 / ϒUHPFRC = 389 t in wall of 40 mm
caractéristiques physiques des segments de tube 1
caractéristiques physiques des segments de tube 2