Technical input for the segment for betonweb concrete pile tube

Concrete tubes or pipes have been known for a long time.
They are commonly used in sectors where there is no pressure as concrete does not resist well to tensile stress.
However, there are concrete pipes that are resistant to tensile stress thanks to the invention of Aimé Bonna in 1896.
They are tubes incorporating a thin steel core, coated with prestressed collars or not. In certain cases, longitudinal prestressed steels can be added.
The manufacturing process of these tubes is demanding and they are priced accordingly.
At all events, there is no continuity of the pipes, nor of the micropile tubes.
The sealing between each tube can only be guaranteed provided there is no movement of the ground.

Using the Betonweb segment for the concrete pile tube means:
  • Ensuring the continuity in traction of the segments throughout the entire network,
  • Offering an exceptional sustainability in keeping with its intrinsic resistance to corrosion,
  • Ensuring a quick, simple, efficient and sustainable connection between the segments
  • Providing a strong capacity to axial load and flexion,
  • Ensuring a very high level of performance of the concrete (150 MPa),
le segment pour tube Betonweb