Technical advantages and construction site aspects

Technical advantages

The segment for Betonweb pile tube will be manufactured following a unique process giving it excellent physical characteristics such as stability, robustness, lightness and sustainability.
  • Resistance to corrosion: as all metal fibers are coated with UHPFRC, there is no corrosion.
  • Dimensional stability: the application of a Type 2 Heat treatment under NFP 18 470 totally blocks deferred deformations of the UHPFRC used. As a consequence, the segment for Betonweb concrete pile tube does not pose a risk of shrinkage, nor creep over time.
  • Resistance to load and shock: compressive resistance of 150 MPa and of 40 MPa for bending resistance
  • Theoretical capacity of axial load φ 350: (fcu - fcp) x A / ϒ UHPFRC= 389 t in 40 mm thick
  • Resistance to humidity: the UHPFRC used is watertight
  • Non-combustible materials: the UHPFRC is classified M0
  • Fire resistance: there is a version with increased fire resistance for exposure to oils
  • Freeze resistance: the UHPFRC used is watertight, which makes it resistant to freezing water
  • Resistance to pests and mould: given the compactness of the material, neither penetration nor anchoring is possible
  • Resistance to termites and insects: no capacity of perforation of the material by these pests
  • Resistance to most severe chemical aggressions
  • Longevity over a 100 years without any specific provisions.

Construction site aspects

The segment of Betonweb concrete pile tube is of practical use:

It can be sawn with a diamond disc
It can be nailed with a nailing gun
It can be drilled with a diamond hole saw
It can be screwed with a self-cutting screw-head
It can be glued with concrete adhesive
It can be riveted.

A simple and ultra-fast assembling

The segments of Betonweb concrete pile tube are connected together thanks to an exclusive system of sleeving/stripping/sealing for continuity.

A small investment on construction site

1 lot of reusable exterior collars
1 Putzmeister ou Bunker type mixer/pump

A high performance

During the provisional phase, the connection between segments is carried out through sleeving/stripping.
The final connection is ensured by the coating of the exceeding steel tubes with fresh UHPFRC. Thus, the concrete pile tube can work in traction and in compression.